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Plum Problem

So, after three days of processing, I have juiced and frozen about 45 cups of plum juice/pulp. (just under 3 gallons.) This is the total of the amount picked the other night.

This is a massive amount of juice.


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All you can pick plums!

I've just picked, in one hour, 3 *large* stockpots full of plums. That's right 3. And there's at least that many more on the tree to pick. Anyone want to come over and pick (and keep!) plums? I may pick a few more, but, my guess is that there's at least 4 batches of jam just with what I've picked.

I will say, the fruit is not quite as flavorful as it was the first year. Also, the fruits are smaller than usual. But, they'll still work for jams, sauces, etc.