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Weekend Update

This weekend I worked on web-ly things, got a chunk completed, yay! (not as much as I wanted to get done, but, I'm okay with that)

There was Eberron-ing. Yay! No more crazy people! I can't believe I'm relieved just to be dealing with Undead. 

I also got my front lawn (and my neighbors') mowed, and raked again, and re-seeded. 

Today, I've had meetings. And, during one of them, I was working on some Slayerfest stuff, and I had a brain wave.  

I *could* take my trivia game, make it generically a TV trivia game first, and then use some of the monies to buy rights for licensed trivia games. (Not that Fox even bothered to reply to my query).  I figured instead of fighting "The Master" the players could fight TV monsters such as "Low Ratings" or "Sophmore Slumps" even "Circling Sharks" or "the Friday Night Death slot." I could even self-publish this one, and recruit some graphic design help from the talented folks I already know, and "viola!"  A spanking new card game.  Thoughts? Comments?  Flamethrowers?

So, Access was a bust...

...for the card application. Or, mostly. I studied for hours the Access Bible, courtesy of arwensouth,  and, while I learned *why* it was doing what it was doing, nothing I did corrected it. I'm feeling fairly sure there's no way to get the selection I want directly in an Access report. But, in all of this, I had an idea. I set up a word doc, merged the data from the first query, saved the merged results, then, merged in the data from the second query, saved the results, ans repeated until all five queries were incorporated. It took maybe 45 minutes, which isn't esay, granted, but, way, way faster than doing it purely by hand.

So, that main task is done, and I'll print it up tomorrow.  I might even print myself a new batch.

Access Defeated!

Woo Hoo! I have conquered the demon Access, and finally gotten it to display the questions and answers properly.

Well, mostly. I still can't get the answer to be in a different font size as the question, to hide it from casual viewing. I've decided that's okay with me. Afterall, it's a prototype. Should a company pick it up for production, they'll have vastly superior skills to deal with all that. Prototypes are all about functionality.


Edit: I typed too soon. Sigh.

Stuff on a Thursday

I'm in the process of preparing a demo set of the Buffy game to send to 1oldmanfan, and discovered that my trivia card file died. I have the other cards (monsters, locations, and watcher/plot cards), but the trivia card file is missing (yes, I do have a backup, no, it's not really accessible. long story.) I have the trivia questions, just not the formatted file.

So, I'm recreating it. 
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Well, I guess all good things...

I guess I'm back to work on Monday, which means my couch time is likely to be down to a small amount of hours. I'm allowed to put some weight on my leg, and the doctor wants me doing full weight in 2 weeks, and walking in regular shoes in 3. So, that's good, I guess. But, it also means I have no more excuses, and have to go back to work.

I had hoped, maybe, that I'd be able to figure out what I wanted to do with my life, or write a nice book, or something, but, nope. I did work on Slayerfest stuff, which is almost ready to go, including the redesign of the Trivia game.

What I do know, is that I'm blessed with the best friends in the world, and I thank each of you for rides, visits, help with household tasks, and, well, everything.

Weekend Update...

Friday night, the Buffy game got another round of play-testing. The good news? It's getting better. Again, the questions themselves are the highlight, and non-Buffy folks can play and enjoy as well, which is good. There was feedback that it does recreate the episodic feel fairly well, but, the board is still something of a weak link. I worked with Ted a bit on it Friday night (thanks, and, BTW: good to see him and visit some). I worked on it a bit on Saturday, and I am considering a pretty radical change in how it works, which might be quite clever, and solve the problems with the board. Of course, since it's so different, there are admittedly some potential new and different problems, but, so far, it seems potentially good. It's not a playable concept yet, but, I think it's got potential.

Spent the weekend working on props. I'm down to building all the odd bits that can't be bought. Cthulu refuses to dye properly, darn it. Unspeakable Horror, indeed.

Haven't forgotten the Oscar WoDs. Will fit them in.

Happy VD. RIP AtS.

Hmm. Jumble of quick thoughts.

I'm doing Props for the show now. Luckily, it's not a prop-heavy show. I'm entertaining the idea that the creature that emerges from the egg will be baby cthulu. We'll see.

Numb3rs was actually not bad. It's moving to Fridays after Joan. Yay for believable Math, and yay for the Math guy actually being quite attractive, and not nerdy-looking.

Made a few revisions to the Buffy game, and Nick and Jen were nice enough to give it a go. Works better, and actually, 2 player game works far better than, well, 5-6 players. Movement isn't really as much an issue when there are only 2 players. But, movement still needs correcting, and a few cards are over-powered, and there are definitely too many types. And, a few other little things to work on, but, all-in-all- not bad. It was nice that they actually were able to play it. Sound-track and all.

Hmm. All for now.