Informal Word of the Day Survey

I've been entertaining the thought of making a collection of just the Word of the Day Oscar stories, likely just of the last decade. I'm not planning on  including the ones I have from 1997,  and since I didn't actually do more than draft a few stories for 2005-2008, and no one has seen them, the collection would be part new and part old content.

I would sell them at a very reasonable rate at Lulu, or some place like that, in either a bound book or an electronic download.

What do you all think about that?

Flashy Word of the Day

I've got the new theme ported to the Word of the Day site: It still needs a bunch of work, but, all the content is there.  The handy thing about WordPress is that if I get bored with the theme, I can change it easily, now that the hard part is done.
It means that this weekend, I installed WordPress, installed the theme, moved all the content, wrote an article on obituaries, and did a Colorado Cemeteries Newsletter.

ETA: Oh! this is a minor point, and I don't know which way to go, and not sure it matters. Should the subject of the word of the day posts be "Word of the Day: unusual word," or simply "unusual word"? I think there are advantages and disadvantages to either.

New Word of the Day site theme

 I need some advice.  I am not a capable enough graphic designer to come up with lots of new pretty images, and I really don't have the time or patience to mess with it. So, I've been hunting for a free Word Press theme for the site's transition from blogger.  I need your help.  I'd love feedback on the themes I liked for one reason or another, but, none of them screamed "I'm the one you want."

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Feeling grateful...

So, I've been at the job a bit over a month. Yesterday, I went to my car for lunch, and it wouldn't start.  I tried a few things, nope. I sent my sister a message, she came, we tried to jump it, no dice. But, we attracted the attention of other CCCS employees, who gave me names of nearby mechanics (with card), or who stayed with us as we tried to jump it, etc. In the end, we left it over night. I was feeling sorta yucky last night, so, I scouted for some options, but, in the end, just turned in early. No Word of the Day, which I feel baad about, but, eh.

My sister dropped me off this am. The lady who had stayed with us last night, (who is a mechanic, but now does Perkins Grants) had been thinking about it, and thought we might need to try it again. She'd parked her car across from mine, borrowed my keys (I can't leave my desk), and left her car hooked to mine for over an hour, just to be sure. Nope. No dice. I tried it on my break. I told the person covering for my break what was going on. She went and mentioned it to my boss. My boss called around, and found a facilites guy who volunteered to pull out my battery.  My battery went into her car, and she volunteered to drive me to get a new one, and the facilities guy said when we got back, he'd put it in for me.  Yup, sure enough, all together, and the car is working again.

Really, I'm just feeling really grateful to a bunch of people I barely know.

Slayerfest 2009!

I posted this in Facebook, but, I'd meant to post it here first, and forgot.

Come Saturday, May 23rd for the annual ECKAS! (Eeek-Ass!) (Event Commonly Known as Slayerfest). There will be trivia, and food, and

This year, the theme, is sorta a Potpourri. It's the remainder of last year's episodes, plus award winning episodes. Some episodes I've not yet picked, so, they're as TBA for now. Dinner will be provided, srotu27  and I are co-hosts.

Here's the schedule, which might yet change in the next day or so:

11:00 AM Battlestar Galactica: "33" (Hugo Winner)
12:00 PM X-Files: Small Potatoes (TV Guide's top 100 episodes)
1:00 PM Buffy the Vampire Slayer: "Conversations with Dead People" (Hugo Winner)
2:00 PM Lost "Walkabout" (Emmy Nominee)
3:00 PM Angel "The House Always Wins"
4:00 PM Joan of Arcadia "Double Dutch"
5:00 PM Alias "Truth Be Told"
6:00 PM Dinner break
7:00 PM Twin Peaks, Pilot (TV Guide's top 100 episodes)
9:00 PM Firefly: The Message (Hugo Nomination)
10:00 PM Simpsons: Krusty gets Kancelled / Crepes of Wrath (TV Guide's top 100 episodes)
11:00 PM Doctor Who: Blink (Hugo Winner)
I have a few "extras" that will get played late, if people are still up for it.

Everyone is invited, e-mail me if you need directions to mi casa.