Kate Barnes (k8cre8) wrote,
Kate Barnes

Flashy Word of the Day

I've got the new theme ported to the Word of the Day site: http://www.k8space.com. It still needs a bunch of work, but, all the content is there.  The handy thing about WordPress is that if I get bored with the theme, I can change it easily, now that the hard part is done.
It means that this weekend, I installed WordPress, installed the theme, moved all the content, wrote an article on obituaries, and did a Colorado Cemeteries Newsletter.

ETA: Oh! this is a minor point, and I don't know which way to go, and not sure it matters. Should the subject of the word of the day posts be "Word of the Day: unusual word," or simply "unusual word"? I think there are advantages and disadvantages to either.
Tags: word of the day

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