Kate Barnes (k8cre8) wrote,
Kate Barnes

Snapping Turtle

I wanted to share the turtle tail with you all, and, also, experimenting with Flickr's blog utility.

Snapping Turtle
Originally uploaded by k8cre8

This is the turtle I happened upon while visiting the cemetery. I really almost didn't notice him.

I was in my car, driving through the western most edge of the cemetery, which, admittedly, is not an area I'd visited before. I was stopped in the car, and saw something move just up the slight hill about 50 feet away.

There was a white line on the edge of the object, and I though "skunk" at first, but, it was moving parallel to the line, and then, I remembered that skunks are nocturnal, so, that probably was wrong. It was moving too quickly to be something fluttering in the breeze.

But, about that moment, it sorta stopped moving.

I watched a moment. Then it moved just a little bit. I thought it must be like some squirrel or something savaging in a refuse bag, and only emerging occasionally.

Then, all motion stopped. Again. Without motion, it sorta looked like a rock from the car.

By this point, I had no clue what I could be looking at, and curiosity got the best of me, so, I grabbed the camera, and approached somewhat cautiously.

I finally got close enough to see the thing, and, lo-and-behold! It was a turtle! He was big, easily the biggest turtle I've seen in the wild (admittedly, I've seen only like 2).

By the time I'd gotten close enough to snap the picture, he (and, well, I didn't probe into "his actual" he-ness, but, I'm going with it) was eying me, but, not moving. He'd gone into "I'mnothere-I'mnothere- I'marockdon'tlookatme-I'marock" mode.

I snapped the picture. and took a step back. He sorta cocked his head at me. Then he blinked.

I took another step or two back. He must've decided I was harmless, and stopped watching me directly. Then, he started into "flight" mode, which really meant he moved one leg like he was moving on. So, I did too.

At home, I decided to try and figure out what kind of turtle this was, and learned he's a snapping turtle. Glad I kept my distance.

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