Kate Barnes (k8cre8) wrote,
Kate Barnes

The more I think about things...

... the bigger they get.

The more I work on the cemetery project, the more work it becomes. My brain recently landed on the notion of building an organization that is an advocate for cemeteries in the state as a whole. An organization that coordinates preservation and record keeping, and acts as an advocate for the sites in general. I'm envisioning a non-profit, that can do things like assign preservation priorities, apply for grants, and provide resources and direction, as well as a unifying direction without duplicating efforts. 

I'm thinking it would be like a cemetery management agent, for those that don't have one.  And, if the cemetery is a big one with management, they could be a "member" institution, that can use the resources it might not be able to provide for itself. 

I also saw this weekend a sign at Crown Hill, near the entrance, and it had an icon, and a text that said something to the effect of "If you see this icon on a marker in this cemetery, it means that there is a record of it at XYZ.com."  I love this idea, but, I don't like the "piece-meal"  approach. I'd like to have some sort of signage at cemeteries that are fully set-up on my site. A sign that says, "Maps of this cemetery, as well as complete transcriptions and photos can be found at: colorado-cemeteries.com."  It's great advertising, but, it also means that people can access information when they aren't there, and when the cemetery office (if there is one) is closed.

(it's also highly sympatico with a similar idea I had related to the guides a few weeks ago, signs along highways for using your iPhone to pick up location specific details, more than what can be fit on a single sign, and, also mountain silhouettes.)
I also had the simultaniously good fortune, and bad fortune to discover this website: http://www.pere-lachaise.com/ It's a virtual tour of the largest cemetery in Paris, and it's exceptional. I love it. I want to copy them. Sad thing? Not sure how I feel about all that shockwave, and not sure I have the equipment for all the panoramas. Gosh, it's good. Want to know where Edith Piaf is buried? Jim Morrison? Do a search and watch the magic happen. 

I'm not yet sure, though, how colorado-cemeteries.com fits with the the non-profit organization. Are they seperate, or, is that the new goal of Colorado-Cemeteries.com, and do I need to change it to .org?

Anyway, I'd really rather stop listening to my %$#$@# brain sometimes. I've never really wanted to start a non-profit organization. But, the idea of having a central cemetery association for the state has really inspired me.
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