Kate Barnes (k8cre8) wrote,
Kate Barnes

Plum Problem

So, after three days of processing, I have juiced and frozen about 45 cups of plum juice/pulp. (just under 3 gallons.) This is the total of the amount picked the other night.

This is a massive amount of juice.


I still have a tree full of plums, and I've no idea what to do next.

There is the part of me that hates waste, and, having grown up in a place where stocking up for the winter was a literal survival technique where every thing has a value, and that taking advantage of every bit of what is RIGHT THERE could mean the difference between life and certain death, which is trying to convince me to pick more plums, and spend more time processing them.

Than there is the part of me that realizes that I've probably already got more juice (to turn into jams and such) than I can reasonably use, especially since I'm already planning to give it away, and that working on the rest is just effort I won't really capitalize on, and that my survivial is really not in any way tied to the amount of plums I can put away in my larder. Heck, I use very little jam myself, and certainly 1-2 jars is about all I'd use.

And, then, there's the part of me that knows what a mess the remaining plums will make as they fall off the tree. Which prompts the next part of me to go, well, I could pick the plums, and toss them. Except, that, tossing PERFECTLY GOOD plums gives me hives.

Then the part of me contemplating spending more time right now processing plums starts getting beat down by the part of me that's sick of this whole thing, and which is already annoyed that I've lost 3+ days of productivity on this project, which isn't helping me get my internet empire any closer to fruition.

Tags: plums

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