Kate Barnes (k8cre8) wrote,
Kate Barnes

Weekend Update

This weekend I worked on web-ly things, got a chunk completed, yay! (not as much as I wanted to get done, but, I'm okay with that)

There was Eberron-ing. Yay! No more crazy people! I can't believe I'm relieved just to be dealing with Undead. 

I also got my front lawn (and my neighbors') mowed, and raked again, and re-seeded. 

Today, I've had meetings. And, during one of them, I was working on some Slayerfest stuff, and I had a brain wave.  

I *could* take my trivia game, make it generically a TV trivia game first, and then use some of the monies to buy rights for licensed trivia games. (Not that Fox even bothered to reply to my query).  I figured instead of fighting "The Master" the players could fight TV monsters such as "Low Ratings" or "Sophmore Slumps" even "Circling Sharks" or "the Friday Night Death slot." I could even self-publish this one, and recruit some graphic design help from the talented folks I already know, and "viola!"  A spanking new card game.  Thoughts? Comments?  Flamethrowers?
Tags: game design

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