Kate Barnes (k8cre8) wrote,
Kate Barnes

So, Access was a bust...

...for the card application. Or, mostly. I studied for hours the Access Bible, courtesy of arwensouth,  and, while I learned *why* it was doing what it was doing, nothing I did corrected it. I'm feeling fairly sure there's no way to get the selection I want directly in an Access report. But, in all of this, I had an idea. I set up a word doc, merged the data from the first query, saved the merged results, then, merged in the data from the second query, saved the results, ans repeated until all five queries were incorporated. It took maybe 45 minutes, which isn't esay, granted, but, way, way faster than doing it purely by hand.

So, that main task is done, and I'll print it up tomorrow.  I might even print myself a new batch.
Tags: game design

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