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Kate Barnes

Stuff on a Thursday

I'm in the process of preparing a demo set of the Buffy game to send to 1oldmanfan, and discovered that my trivia card file died. I have the other cards (monsters, locations, and watcher/plot cards), but the trivia card file is missing (yes, I do have a backup, no, it's not really accessible. long story.) I have the trivia questions, just not the formatted file.

So, I'm recreating it. 
More on the insightly nitty-gritty of that behind the cut.

As I started it, I realized, really, that it's time the questions go into an honest-to-goddness database, instead of the Excel document  I've been using.  With over 3,000 questions in that file, while it has been relatively easy to use/manipulate/sort, one day, it's going to drive me nutty.  Nuttier. Whatever. Of course, once they're in the database, I should be able to print/recreate the card file any old time I want, and it's probably going to, eventually, make Slayerfest much easier. 

However, Access is still giving me a few headaches. Not insurmountable, just, well, enough to stall me. arwensouthhas been very helpful in this, and I might need to barter a dinner to get the final edges rounded out. In the meantime, it's some tedious copy/pasting (yes, I tried to import the file about 12 different ways, Access protested mightily.).  Also, I'm wondering if I should throw in a bunch more "stuff" into it, not necessarily for the game, just for my own geekery.  I do have a list of locations, tomes, spells etc. already, which I did for the Buffy Mythos set, but, I'm sure it's largely incomplete, and could be better. Yes, I am a sad human being.  Eh. Smacks of effort at this moment.  I just realized, too, that, in my earlier flurry of shopping it around, I never sent an inquiry letter to Cardinal Games regarding publishing it, and I need to do that.

Oh, and since I've been spending some time in the trivia, I'm, of course, reminded that Slayerfest is looming. Um. I'm going to admit, I'm thinking it's time to change it up a bit, and maybe it's time to do something other than Buffy. I'm going to be looking for advice from you all. This "Revamp," could also include moving off of memorial day weekend. I admit, too, that with the exception of the large crowds that appear on the Friday night (if you feed it, they will come), it seems like it's just me, and maybe 1-2 other people, so, maybe I should give it up.

In other news, last night I decided to take a "mostly" break from the database, and went over to gloomforge's for game night, which I've not been to in ages. I got to play/playtest the current  "in progress" expansion for Gloom, which I enjoyed. 

Tags: game design, slayerfest

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