Kate Barnes (k8cre8) wrote,
Kate Barnes

Weekend Update...

Friday night, the Buffy game got another round of play-testing. The good news? It's getting better. Again, the questions themselves are the highlight, and non-Buffy folks can play and enjoy as well, which is good. There was feedback that it does recreate the episodic feel fairly well, but, the board is still something of a weak link. I worked with Ted a bit on it Friday night (thanks, and, BTW: good to see him and visit some). I worked on it a bit on Saturday, and I am considering a pretty radical change in how it works, which might be quite clever, and solve the problems with the board. Of course, since it's so different, there are admittedly some potential new and different problems, but, so far, it seems potentially good. It's not a playable concept yet, but, I think it's got potential.

Spent the weekend working on props. I'm down to building all the odd bits that can't be bought. Cthulu refuses to dye properly, darn it. Unspeakable Horror, indeed.

Haven't forgotten the Oscar WoDs. Will fit them in.

Happy VD. RIP AtS.
Tags: game design

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