Kate Barnes (k8cre8) wrote,
Kate Barnes

Now that Slayerfest is over...

...I'm working on other things.

Admittedly, I still haven't put all the decorations away, so my house isn't quite back to normal. I was sorta being lazy, and just enjoying having my house to myself. It's an increasingly rare treat. 

I got sorta caught up on some projects, and, this weekend, I actually worked on my Word of the Day Calendar proposal. The prime target of this proposal wants the manuscript mostly completed, so, I'm aiming to have 60-70% of it ready to send with the proposal (their guideline). I've been cleaning up and editing the archives. They needed some serious help, and I started to despise almost all of them, so, I may want some outside eyes if anyone's not too busy. The thing I've not figured out is whether I'm proposing a 2-page for Saturday/Sunday, or a full 7 days a week version. That's a difference of 52 stories, of course. Anyone have thoughts on this? 

I'd like to have it sent by the end of June, which I *think* is doable. I'm waffling on re-writing dated stories, or just writing completely new stories.  (There will still have to be a few new ones regardless, some are just too embarrassingly bad, I think.)
Tags: writing

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