Kate Barnes (k8cre8) wrote,
Kate Barnes

Hmm. Jumble of quick thoughts.

I'm doing Props for the show now. Luckily, it's not a prop-heavy show. I'm entertaining the idea that the creature that emerges from the egg will be baby cthulu. We'll see.

Numb3rs was actually not bad. It's moving to Fridays after Joan. Yay for believable Math, and yay for the Math guy actually being quite attractive, and not nerdy-looking.

Made a few revisions to the Buffy game, and Nick and Jen were nice enough to give it a go. Works better, and actually, 2 player game works far better than, well, 5-6 players. Movement isn't really as much an issue when there are only 2 players. But, movement still needs correcting, and a few cards are over-powered, and there are definitely too many types. And, a few other little things to work on, but, all-in-all- not bad. It was nice that they actually were able to play it. Sound-track and all.

Hmm. All for now.
Tags: game design, television

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