August 20th, 2008


Okay, now you can look...

My still very much in progress website is:  There are many things I'm still working on. Namely, I've got 2 more transcriptions completed, just, not yet posted. Also, I think I'm wordy, and I think the copy needs broken up, and given a bit more "life."  That'll come later. (If you have opinions on this, they are welcome, and I'm NOT fishing for compliments. I admit, I think of most of those pages as being "phoned in.")

However, despite that, I think I've finally gotten the transcription pages *mostly* how I want them.  To see the only one I've gotten to that basic point, click on "Cemeteries" and then scroll down to Broomfield County, where Lakeview Cemetery is linked. The downloadable map is pretty crude, but, that's what I can do right now. I want to improve it someday, but, that's a minor quibble right now. Take a look specifically to the "Visit" link. It's a custom Google map gallery, with a few pictures.  That, well, it took some time.  There are, within that, a few more minor quibbles. One, the pins in the map are shifted a bit off from where they should be. Part of that is (I've recently learned), I've been using an old datum in my GPS. I'll correct it at some point.  Two, I will add more "info" for the pop-up windows at some point. Three, I know that the east side is underrepresented  with pins and such in the Google map, I've not been able to finish photographing that side. Long story.

Also, yes, I'd like the page to go wider, it's a canned template, I've tried to expand it, but the CSS and abs positioning has frustrated me, and I don't care enough to make it an issue right now. I'm not willing to invest the time to deal with it. If it ain't broke, well, I can live with it for now. I'm trying to build a business, not the slickest website out there.