Kate Barnes (k8cre8) wrote,
Kate Barnes

A day late, but, it's here

Okay, so I was inspired by birthdays last night, and came up with this idea. I even wrote most of it last night, but, since I didn't get home from G&C until almost midnight, I got it done after midnight, and I decided to wait and post it this morning. It is a conversation, but, I made it all up. I thought of it as a scene, and I liked the idea of having a bunch of people talking, anonymously, and in so doing, creating a short story. Comments are more than welcome.

“I’m eating the cake.”
“No, you’re not. He’ll be here.”
“He was supposed to be here 3 hours ago.”
“It’s his birthday, we shouldn’t start the cake without him. What if he’s been in an accident?”
“An accident? We walked across the street from the office. We’re sitting behind large windows with a full view of the building. If he had an accident, we’d have seen it. Unless you know something about the staplers I don’t.”
“It’s probably not really even his birthday. You did invite him, right? You’re sure today is his birthday?”
“It said so on his record. Wasn’t Julie supposed to invite him, make sure he got here?”
“Julie’s not even here. It’s just the four of us, waiting for someone who’s clearly not coming. Someone who’s not coming for his own birthday party. What are we doing here? The cake, the presents, the whole thing. We’re just staring at that cake. It should be eaten.”
“But nothing. He’s not coming. Three hours, no Julie, no Pete. And no way you’re going to impress him with a birthday party and presents if he never comes. He’s far too smitten with Julie. He doesn’t even know you exist. I told you, you should’ve asked him yourself.”
“I did.”
“Yes. He said he’d come.”
“He didn’t. You’re just saying that.”
“No, I’m not. And I won’t argue with you. Let’s eat the cake.”
“About time. It looks fantastic. Did you get it from that bakery he likes?”
“We don’t have to sing, right? I mean, he’s not even here, it’d be weird, singing to someone who's not here.”
“No. Just cut the cake.”
“What about the presents?”
“We could wait until his actual birthday.”
“This is his actual birthday.”
“Right. Whatever. I’m taking it back.”
“Good call. Me, I’ll just save it for someone else. How ‘bout you?”
“I don’t know.”
“This is really good cake.”
“Aren’t you going to eat your piece?”
“Huh? Oh. No. I don’t feel like any right now.”
“I’m so sorry, hon. At least the cake’s good. He doesn’t know what he’s missing.”
“He said he’d come. He did.”
“Well… maybe he got the date mixed up. Yes, I know how ridiculous that sounded. Who knows? Are you sure you won’t have some cake?”

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